With Breeze, we’ve entered the UK as the largest MaaS provider globally

We’re excited to announce the launch of Breeze, our newest multi-city MaaS platform in the Solent Region of the UK, making us the largest provider of MaaS services worldwide.

We were appointed to the project in collaboration with Unicard, a leading provider of smart ticketing transport solutions, and BIT, the UK’s Behavioural Research Insights Team. The £2.4m contract, which was awarded by Solent Transport, will provide the UK’s very first integrated MaaS platform to 1.3M people across the Solent Region, which includes the cities of Portsmouth, Southampton, South Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

A full range of services spanning four cities

The new platform will connect a broad variety of mobility services, including micromobility options such as shared scooters and bikes, taxi and car sharing, and of course the full range of the Solent Region’s existing public transport services: trains, an extensive bus system and even ferries.

Here’s a list of some of the main features included in the product:

  • Journey planner 
  • Ticketing and payment system 
  • Smart Card integration ticketing
  • Incentives for car drivers to switch to more sustainable transport modes (including a carbon footprint calculation)
  • In-app communication with users and research surveys on MaaS impact (as part of the partnership with BIT) 

Using insights to improve MaaS

The project is part of a broader Future Transport Zone (FTZ) initiative, designed by the UK government to modernize local transport networks and supported with £28.8m in funding from the Department for Transport. As the first of its kind in the UK, the new Solent platform is likely to shape how other FTZs, local authorities and commercial operators design and plan integrated mobility services in the future.

“We’re proud to be powering the UK’s first multi-city Mobility-as-a-Service scheme with Trafi technology. Everybody who lives or travels through the Solent region will benefit from the variety of transport services being integrated, including ferries. The Solent Transport MaaS project has unique focus on researching behavior changes and how they relate to MaaS adoption. This ushers in a new era for mobility in the UK, one that is fully aligned with our goal of creating convenient and sustainable transport alternatives.”

Trafi CEO Martynas Gudonavičius

A key part of the project is centered on understanding and analyzing the real impact of MaaS on travel behavior and tackling key mobility challenges like access to transport, congestion, and poor air quality and its associated health risks. Along with BIT, the University of Portsmouth and the University of Southampton will help analyze travel pattern data collected throughout the project. This will help us to quantify the positive impacts of MaaS, apply knowledge gained to future projects globally, and provide us with insights into how effective our technology is.

“Innovation in transport is vital…I’m excited to see how this app could change the way people in the local area travel, making our journeys easier, cleaner and more efficient.”

UK Transport Minister Trudy Harrison

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